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29 Aug, 2018 10:17

Candy crash: Bizarre motorist duel ends in shocking truck flip collision (VIDEO)

Candy crash: Bizarre motorist duel ends in shocking truck flip collision (VIDEO)

A dramatic crash which saw a trailer full of candy overturn on a busy New Jersey freeway is being blamed on road rage, after two motorists became angered at one another’s driving and took matters into their own hands.

Mahwah Police Department has released dashcam footage of the moment a truck slammed into the central median of Route 17, New Jersey, overturned in the middle of the road and skidded along the asphalt.

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Local police say the incident was the result of two motorists, one in a gray SUV and the second behind the wheel of the truck, driving recklessly. Footage reveals an apparent duel between the two motorists, with the SUV seen trying to stay in front of the truck.

As the driver of the large cargo vehicle speeds past the SUV he eventually loses control, crashing into the concrete median dividing the motorway. Both motorists survived to tell the tale but were cited for dangerous driving over the bizarre midweek incident. The truck shed part of its cargo in the crash, reported NJ.com. However, it did not contain hazardous material - only candy.

According to the motorist in the SUV, he had been pulling in front of the truck in an effort to get the driver to curtail their speed. The local police added that all aggressive driving should be reported to the authorities.

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