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23 Jul, 2018 17:33

Liberal comedian slammed for past pedophilia jokes blames Russia for ‘coordinated attack’

Liberal comedian slammed for past pedophilia jokes blames Russia for ‘coordinated attack’

Another day, another Russian plot exposing an American public figure for questionable past behavior. This time a comedian, whose past attempts to joke about pedophilia got roasted on Twitter, is seeing the Russian hand.

Liberal comedian Michael Ian Black came under fire by conservatives in recent days for a series of offensive past tweets referencing pedophilia and child abuse — but Black has a theory about why his old tweets have suddenly come to light again.

Black tweeted that “right wing Twitter” came after him “out of the blue” over tweets he posted years ago and reasoned that the timing was a bit suspect because he had recently been talking about “Russian money-laundering at the NRA.”

In one of his tweets, which is still online, Black jokes that he is hosting 11-year-old girls at his home and that he is “terrified their parents will find out.” In another, he jokes that he doesn’t like watching the kids show iCarly “because there is nobody on that show I want to molest.”

The offensive tweets were compiled and began appearing online over the weekend. It was unclear who exactly was sifting through the archive of Black's tweets, but they began to circulate more quickly when conservative commentator Mike Cernovich posted them to his Twitter page on Saturday, saying it was part of his “reporting on pedophiles.”

Cernovich also tweeted that he had compiled “a database of over 100 verified Hollywood liberals” who have made child rape jokes.

Despite airing his suspicions that Russia was responsible for highlighting his tweets making jokes about pedophilia, Black did admit the he “can’t prove” it was Russia at all. In a subsequent tweet, however, he wrote: “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the week I go hard after the NRA for being a mob front for Russia, I get this coordinated attack.”

The controversy follows the firing of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn by Disney over similarly disturbing tweets about pedophilia and rape which were also highlighted by Cernovich and fellow conservative Jack Posobiec. Gunn deleted thousands of his old tweets and posted a statement saying that he has grown as a person and is “very, very different” than he was a few years ago.

Black, on the other hand, was less apologetic, tweeting that he didn’t care if people came after him for jokes he made in the past. “You want to shit on me for some bad jokes. Have at it. My hands are clean,” he wrote.

But Twitter wasn’t entirely satisfied with that response, and Black faced some serious backlash for his jokes.

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