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7 Jul, 2018 21:35

'Can Croatia do what Hillary couldn't?' Amusing replies to journalist's World Cup tweet

'Can Croatia do what Hillary couldn't?' Amusing replies to journalist's World Cup tweet

As Croatia faced Russia in a World Cup game, a journalist pondered whether Croatia could do what Hillary Clinton couldn't - beat Russia. Twitterati responded with answers that had nothing to do with baseless collusion claims.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Huffington Post journalist Matt Fuller shared a thought with his audience. "Excited to see if Croatia can do what Hillary Clinton couldn't," he wrote.

While the comment was clearly a jab at alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, the Twittersphere responded with some amazing answers that had nothing to do with either football or the Russian meddling claim that continues to lack any shred of evidence.

Instead, the responses took aim at Clinton in totally different ways, once again proving that Twitter's army of commenters is always ready to pounce.

"Walk on her own?" one person asked, referring to the day she had to be escorted into a vehicle after stumbling at a 9/11 ceremony. 

Others couldn't help but bring up the Clinton email scandal.

And some pointed out her loss in Wisconsin and Michigan, where critics say she didn't focus enough of her campaign energy.

Others roasted Clinton over allegations that Clinton Foundation funds were used to pay for the wedding of her daughter Chelsea.

And Benghazi was of course thrown into the mix.

"Accept defeat?" another asked. Along the same lines were several people who suggested things like knowing when it's time to retire from the public arena.

Others brought her husband Bill into it, referencing rape allegations against him.

There was, however, one outnumbered Clinton supporter who chimed in...and who got immediately shot down by someone who obviously isn't a fan of the former Democratic presidential candidate.

Others took to the comments section to laugh at the comments themselves - and to give Fuller props for the "best setup line of the year."

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