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21 Mar, 2018 17:28

‘Outrageous, impossible to believe': Bizarre security breaches bedevil Florida massacre school

‘Outrageous, impossible to believe': Bizarre security breaches bedevil Florida massacre school

Two students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been arrested for bringing knives to school. A third student was arrested and hospitalized after making threats while brandishing an imitation firearm on Snapchat.

Jordan Salter, 18, reportedly poured a bowl of cereal on another student's head after he made a sexual comment to her friend. Salter then "reached inside of her bra and pulled out a 2 inch knife” when the boy attempted to lean in close to her, according to an arrest form seen by CBS News. She was arrested Tuesday morning.

Gavin Stricker, 19, was arrested later that afternoon for allegedly brandishing a knife on the school bus Monday afternoon. "A nine inch knife was found in his backpack. Stricker was placed into custody and transported to JARC," Broward County Sheriff’s office wrote in his arrest form. Stricker has been released from the Juvenile Assessment Center and is scheduled to appear at a court hearing on April 23.

Another unnamed student "was removed from class for posting pictures on Snapchat depicting a handgun in his waistband and numerous bullets." Broward County Sheriff's office said the student claimed it was a picture "of a BB gun and the bullets were his father's."

"In one image, the teen displays a gun in his waistband. In a second image, he shows off bullets," BSO spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said. "The detective said both photos had threatening messages."

The teen was hospitalized with self-inflicted wounds to his left arm and is due to be booked into the Juvenile Assessment Center once he’s discharged from hospital. The student reportedly used ‘NickCruz’ as his gaming profile in the popular online multiplayer shooter 'Fortnite' –  a reference to the perpetrator of the Parkland massacre in which 17 people were killed and a further 17 injured on February 14. Cruz is facing the death penalty. RT.com has contacted Broward County Sheriff’s office for additional information.

To make matters worse, Deputy Moises Carotti was suspended after being found sleeping in his patrol car by a student Monday.

"Of all the schools in America, you would think this would be the safest one right now. This is so outrageous it's almost impossible to believe," Florida Senator Marco Rubio said of the deputy's suspension on Tuesday.

“That a deputy was sleeping is incredibly disappointing. As you know, I can’t comment on an ongoing internal affairs investigation, but once the findings are in I will make the appropriate decisions regarding the way we are going to handle it and the level of discipline,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said, as cited by The Sun Sentinel.

Zachary Cruz, brother of the Parkland shooter Nikolas, was also arrested for trespassing on school grounds. He has trespassed on school grounds three times since the shooting The Palm Beach Post reports.

State prosecutor Sarahnell Murphy originally asked for Zachary Cruz's bail to be set at $750,000 (the standard bond for trespassing is $25), stating, “He has all the same flags present as his brother.” Cruz also must wear an ankle monitor and must stay at least 500ft away from any school or daycare center.

In yet another bizarre turn of events, a woman was arrested and charged with arson after driving a car with “accelerants” into a Broward County Sheriff’s office building.

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