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4 Mar, 2018 02:57

'Some men have a uterus' tweet lands Planned Parenthood in a storm

'Some men have a uterus' tweet lands Planned Parenthood in a storm

Nationwide birth control charity Planned Parenthood sailed into a perfect Tweetstorm when its Indiana and Kentucky branch declared “some men have a uterus.” The tweet drew ridicule from plenty of conservatives online.

Friday’s pinned post on the group’s Twitter account was apparently a politically-correct nod to trans men, those who are biologically female but identify as male. The statement, as is customary of today's Twitter arguments, was repeated line after line until symbols ran out – 11 times, to be precise.

One trans man thanked the organization for recognizing he had a reproductive tract, or “duderus” as he called it, while another said his “brovaries” were grateful.

Veteran tough-guy actor James Woods, who proclaimed: “Long live the new flesh” in David Cronenberg’s cult shocker Videodrome, was one of the first dissenters.

Other users also chimed in:

“In 2018, we will continue to educate lawmakers and policy officials on the reproductive health needs of Hoosiers and Kentuckians,” the Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky Inc. website states. It also pledges to provide “medically accurate sex education,” insisting: “We are evidence-based and data-driven.”

The controversial tweet came after Planned Parenthood, which is partly funded by taxpayers, said it would spend $20 million campaigning for pro-abortion ‘candidates’ in this fall’s mid-term congressional and gubernatorial elections, warning Republicans: “We’re voting you out in 2018.”

In January, President Donald Trump announced new moves to allow state governments to opt out of funding Planned Parenthood, reversing Obama-era guidelines that warned doing so may violate federal law.

“The Trump-Pence administration is responsible for an unprecedented assault on Planned Parenthood patients and our communities,” said Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Deirdre Schifeling.

The $20 million anti-Republican drive will initially target eight states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. “We are going to ensure that our elected officials have our backs,” Schifeling said.

Students for Life of America, an anti-abortion organization, said on Friday they would respond with their own campaign to defund Planned Parenthood across West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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