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‘We’re not the pizza department’: San Antonio police on dumbest 911 calls (VIDEO)

‘We’re not the pizza department’: San Antonio police on dumbest 911 calls (VIDEO)
The San Antonio Police Department released a video of the strangest reasons people call 911. The video aims to remind people not to call the number unless it’s a real emergency.

Police Chief William McManus reads a selection of the most trivial 911 calls made in the area in the Facebook video. All the calls are real, according to McManus, who adds his own response to each one.

“I’m stuck on a carnival ride and the girl behind me is puking,” McManus reads from the first call. “Really dude?” he asks. “You guys do such great work behind the scenes. I just called to say I love you,” was the next 911 call read out.

“Yes sir, I have a water leak in my house and I don’t know what to do,” was another. “Come on man, SAPD does not stand for San Antonio Plumbing Department,” McManus quips.

“Yes, hi, I’m starving, can I get a large pepperoni from the closest pizza joint?” McManus says as he reads out the final, and perhaps the most ridiculous call. “Are you kidding me? We’re also not the San Antonio Pizza Department either!”

“You know the difference, now make sure you know the number,” the video concludes. The SAPD says it receives millions of 911 calls each year and urges citizens not to call with non-emergencies.

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