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6 Feb, 2018 15:16

‘Trump probe invented, paid for by Democrats’

‘Trump probe invented, paid for by Democrats’

The Donald Trump ‘Russia collusion’ was invented by the Democrats, and paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign, says political talk show host Bryan Crabtree. Now they’re investigating the president; it’s laughable, he adds.

US Republicans released a document alleging that former MI5 agent Christopher Steele, the man behind the Trump-Russia dossier, was not only funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, but was also fed information by it.

The document from the Senate Judiciary Committee says Steele wrote an additional memo, using allegations that came from the Clinton campaign. The dossier by Steele was used as the basis for a Trump-Russia probe into possible links between the two during the 2016 election.

On Friday, the Republican Party released a memo outlining a potential FBI and the Department of Justice bias in their Trump-Russia probe.

RT: It has emerged Christopher Steele was not only being paid by the Clintons, but was also apparently being fed information by them. How could this affect the investigation into so-called ‘collusion with Russia’?

Bryan Crabtree: I don’t know how it is going to affect the investigation. But it should affect it greatly, because basically you have an opposition research which proves to be propaganda, not even factual information, that led to the appointment of Bob Mueller to investigate Trump for Russian collusion that appears not only not to have happened, but to have been invented by the Democrats, paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton campaign. And now they are investigating Trump.

I still think the funniest part about this is that they want to say Trump “We couldn’t find any collusion, so it must be obstruction of justice that you fired a former FBI director.” What was he obstructing, if there was no justice to be served because what they were investigating wasn’t even true? I think that is laughable.

«The relationship between Christopher Steele, the opposition research from Fusion GPS, and the Clinton political family – ‘political machine’, if you will – was very much a two- or three-way street: they fed off each other and literally the Clintons and the Democratic National Committee paid $160,000 to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele for his so-called dossier… I think what people on Capitol Hill are concerned about is no one was really aware of the extent that the FBI was involved in the so-called Steele dossier with Fusion GPS and the Clintons and that the FBI went out of its way to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution. And at the same time it has been revealed through text messages between two people in the FBI that there was a great hostility to Trump…Two years ago nobody was questioning the integrity of the FBI or its involvement in the political system.» - Neil W. McCabe, national political reporter at Big League Politics

RT: The House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday to release a classified Democratic memorandum, rebutting Republican claims against the FBI. How do you see this stand-off playing out?

BC: Think about the Democrats’ trajectory here: first of all, last week before the FISA memo was released, Democrats said “We can’t do this, it would be devastating to the institution of the FBI. It would be devastating to the intelligence-gathering in America. We simply can’t release the memo.” Then, from Friday, once the memo was released till today, we’ve heard “This was a dud. The memo was a nothing burger, it didn’t mean anything. It was just Republican opposition to try to save the president.” So, wait a minute: first, it was going damage the FBI terribly, it was something we could never release, it was going to damage our sources and our contacts and methods, then it was nothing and now it deserves a rebuttal. My head is spinning. How does it play out?

Obviously, there is going to be a politically-weaponized document forthcoming, the White House will likely release, that will try to refute what is in the memo that took months to create by Republicans. These things just have been in the making for a couple of weeks now by the Democrats. That is the first point. The second point is: it will get the left in our country, the Democrats, something to say – “Look, all of this is untrue and there was Trump-Russia collusion.” That is going to be the narrative that plays out.