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14 Jan, 2018 15:35

‘CIA-Moby collusion: Distorted discourse in America’

‘CIA-Moby collusion: Distorted discourse in America’

The CIA’s job is not to reach out to Hollywood liberals to try to undermine their boss, the president of the US, whether it is Obama or Trump, political talk show host Bryan Crabtree tells RT.

In an interview on Thursday to promote his new album, American musician and DJ Moby claimed he has been doing the behind-the-scenes bidding of anti-Donald Trump figures, saying that his friends in the CIA had asked him, due to his significant presence on social media, to promote certain ideas online, including the alleged collusion between the US president and Russia.

Last February, Moby wrote a post on Instagram where he said “Trump is being blackmailed by the Russian government” and called him “an incompetent president who is essentially owned by a foreign power.”

RT: What was your initial reaction to Moby’s claim that the CIA had asked him to make these anti-Trump posts?

Bryan Crabtree: Either he is lying, and a lot of times our political left in the US, which Moby is part of, lies and makes up false equivalences of people that don’t exist or sources, in terms of some of our fake media, or even worse – there are people in the CIA who are supposed to be serving the intelligence community, who are going to the liberal entertainment community and asking them to get out a message that they don’t want to give to the American people from the intelligence community. I think either way, it is a very distorted discourse in America.

RT: Why would Moby even reveal this? It seems that he has embarrassed himself, and put his so-called friends at the CIA in an awkward position?

BC: If you look at the past week, we’ve migrated somewhat from ‘Russian collusion’ to ‘Trump has dementia’ and when Trump was accused of having dementia, he then had a meeting that resembled ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ with senators from both sides and it was anything but a demented guy. So, that failed fairly quickly after the Michael Wolff book. I think they are trying to gin up the ‘Russian collusion’ nonsense, and the American people are not buying it. The reason the American people are not buying it is: “I want to know where the call that I received the other day that came from our internal revenue service that was obviously an Indian outside of this country pretending to be an American employee to fraud me out of money” – that’s what we care about, and the media doesn’t seem to get that in this country that the majority of Americans don’t care about some story that is now a year and a half old of ‘Russian collusion’ that doesn’t affect our lives, if it is even true… We care about what is happening to us. So, we have this detachment between our media and their agenda, which is to finally at some point prove themselves right about this president we have elected, that he is some sort of communist or something, and that is not going to happen, because we care about things that really matter.      

RT: It’s believed the CIA dips into Hollywood now and again... editing the scripts of popular movies, like Argo or Zero Dark Thirty. Is that necessary for them to do that?

BC: That is not their job, no, it is not necessary, it is not appropriate. In fact, if directors at the CIA were to discover such type of outreach and behavior, unless it is at their direction, they should be fired. Whoever is going it should be fired; their job is not to reach out to Hollywood liberals to try to undermine, in a gross display of insubordination, their boss, the president of the US, whether it is Barack Obama or now President Donald Trump. It is insubordination, it is theft, I don’t think it is espionage, unless they are leaking classified data for that purpose, but it certainly undermines their role.