Loose moose in Toronto, authorities may tranquilize (VIDEO)

Loose moose in Toronto, authorities may tranquilize (VIDEO)
A moose running through residential neighborhoods and fences in the Toronto area has authorities on the hunt. So far, no ruse could induce the recluse footloose moose, who vamoosed without any excuse.

On Friday, the moose was spotted sprinting across residential areas in Markham, Canada, which is a city in the regional municipality of York in the greater Toronto area. But the moose has since lost some of its luster, and is now resting in a ravine, according to the CBC.

Authorities are currently waiting to pick the best time to move in and tranquilize the animal.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Provincial Police’s Highway Safety Division says the moose probably made its way down from where it lives near the Rouge River, Blogto reported.

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Eric Cole, a wildlife care manager at the Toronto Zoo, said it’s crucial that the animal be captured before dark, or it will be hard to track, the CBC reported.

"You have [to] immobilize it. You're talking about an animal that's 1,400 lbs – it's sheer power and it's not used to human contact. You can't throw nets on it, so it needs to be tranquilized," he said.

Cole added: "It's very unusual for it to come this far south," and said the wild moose has "come quite a bit out of his natural habitat."

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