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20 Nov, 2017 23:30

Meet ‘foreign agent’: Americans in America covering American news for Americans

Meet ‘foreign agent’: Americans in America covering American news for Americans

Comedian and host of RT America’s ‘Redacted Tonight’, Lee Camp, has a simple American question for his American audience: How on God’s green earth does RT America qualify as a “foreign agent”?

I’m an American in America covering American news for Americans,” Camp confessed on his show. “My father was in the US military for 20 years. I was born in Walter Reed Army Hospital. I’m descended from Walter Camp, the father – the inventor – of American football!” Camp said, proving just how American he really is.

The US the Department of Justice ordered RT America to register as a foreign agent this month, under penalty of arrests and seizure of property. It is the first time a news media outlet has been forced to register under the 1930s Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The US government has also failed to demonstrate that RT journalists are taking orders from the Kremlin or that RT employees have lobbied Congress on behalf of the Russian government, as required by the FARA. The reason, according to Camp, is that “the corporatocracy” isn’t interested in arguing ideas. Instead, anyone or anything that threatens that status quo is simply labeled as a dangerous and extremely meddlesome foreign agent.

So many great anti-establishment programs must be branded with a neo-McCarthyist paintbrush,” noted Camp. “The corporatocracy doesn’t have any logical or convincing arguments against what we’re saying – so they just attack where we’re saying it,” said Camp.

According to Camp, RT America was an obvious target because the channel offers its audience “the undiluted, stone-cold reality about the corporate state in which we live, with no chaser to even cover the burn – not even a wedge of lime to suck on.”