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20 Oct, 2017 13:07

Trump border wall prototypes go up in California (VIDEO)

Trump border wall prototypes go up in California (VIDEO)

Several prototypes of President Donald Trump’s long-promised border wall on the US-Mexico frontier have been erected in southern California.

Six completed wall options, and another under construction, were captured in this aerial footage from a site near Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego on Thursday.

The prototypes, erected a short distance from Tijuana, Mexico, are samples of proposed cement, metal and anti-climbing formats for the border barrier, and are reportedly costing the US government $500,000 each.

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Prototype guidelines said the wall must be “physically imposing in height.” The US government’s nominal concept is for a 30ft high wall, capable of withstanding at least one hour of punishment from a sledge hammer, pickaxe, torch, chisel or battery-operated tools. It should also prevent the use of climbing aids and be “aesthetically pleasing” when viewed from the US side.

Footage of the test walls is released just two weeks after a house panel approved legislation to provide a total of $15 billion for construction of the controversial wall and bolster security at ports of entry into the US.

The Border Security for America Act allocates $10 billion for construction of the wall, $5 billion to improve ports of entry, and includes the addition of 5,000 Border Patrol agents and 5,000 Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers.

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In addition, the bill authorizes the federal government to reimburse states up to $35 million to use the National Guard in support of border security and prohibits federal agents from restricting CBP activities on federal land within 100 miles of the border.