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22 Sep, 2017 18:09

Kremlin influence in America: The evidence right under our nose

Kremlin influence in America: The evidence right under our nose

Facebook’s decision to hand over advertisement details is the latest sideshow in the long-running probe into alleged Russian collusion in the US election. Much like a Russian nesting doll, the layers of Kremlin influence just keep coming.

To aid Robert Mueller in his investigation, RT has decided to compile a list of suspects. We’ve taken a look at other areas investigators should probably focus on to make sure they don’t miss any more Russian skullduggery.

Russia, Ohio

A city named after the subject of the Trump investigation might seem like an obvious place for investigators to probe. What may have thrown them off the scent is the fact that, in true KGB style, Putin’s influence has extended so far as to convince the residents of Russia to pronounce the town’s name as “Roo-shee.” They never noticed.

The Ballet

The world of ballet may appear innocent, however, Russian influence in the artistic art form runs deep. New Yorkers who support the American Ballet should be investigated immediately for potentially laundering money to the Kremlin – under the guise of a love of the tutu.

Even more suspicious is the fact Donald Trump has attended a number of events to support the American ballet.

We’ve learned that Russian influence over Trump goes back years. Ivanka Trump appeared in the New York Ballet’s performance of Russian classic, ‘The Nutcracker’, twice as a child.

She also attended the School of American Ballet and was taught by Russian masters (and, let’s face it, likely spies), Helene Dudin and Antonina Tumkovsky. She has also taken her own daughter, Arabella, to watch the ballet at the Mariinsky Theater in St Petersburg. Suspicious or what? 

Little Russia

The sunny boardwalk of Brighton Beach may not seem like a place to hunt out Kremlin spies, but just a short stroll from the amusements of Coney Island lies a sphere of Russian influence.

Dubbed Little Russia, the Brighton Beach enclave is filled with Russian red flags, from pirozhkis (pastries) to imported Russian goods. Investigators should shine a spotlight on the Brooklyn haven and its Russia-loving residents.  

Russian Baths of Brooklyn

The steam-filled halls of the Russian Baths in Brooklyn must be a hotbed of international espionage. These blatantly Russian-aligned rooms filled with sweating, naked sauna enthusiasts are the ideal hunting ground for those investigating ties to the Russian government. For all they know Trump may enjoy a good steam here.

Toys Я US (SR)?

Some sharp Twitter users have pointed to a very worrying suggestion that Russian operators are targeting young children.

Children’s toy store Toys Я Us has advertised its Kremlin ties right under our noses. The backwards R used in the logo is in fact a Cyrillic letter, suggesting Russian interference has extended to unsuspecting kids.

Even more terrifying than the thought of Russians influencing US children is the suggestion that metal band KoЯn is also in on the secret operation. From preschools to moshpits, the Russians are everywhere.

Collusion through Couture

High fashion may not seem a likely place for investigators to turn their attentions, but some of the world’s biggest designers have taken inspiration from the Ruskies.

The Chanel brand has long had ties to Russia, with Coco Chanel drawing inspiration from the Soviet aesthetic. Ivanka Trump is a fan of the high-end label, a telltale sign of collusion through couture.

Dolce & Gabanna even used the hashtags #DGLovesMoscow for its 2015 capsule collection. How much more evidence does Mueller need?

Red Square in Sin City

A blatant glorification of the communist past of the Soviet Union hides in plain sight amid the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Complete with a statue of Vladimir Lenin outside, the Red Square bar in Mandalay Bay is a hotbed of pro-Russian propaganda.

With the president’s Trump International Vegas hotel a short drive up the strip, investigators should take a trip to Sin City ASAP.