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President Trump’s 1st month leaves Americans divided in polls

President Trump’s 1st month leaves Americans divided in polls
After his first month in office, President Donald Trump is seeing his approval rating drop, despite support for his immigration policies. Americans are also worried another major war is coming in the next four years.

Approval rating

A majority of Americans disapprove of the job that Trump has done as president in his first month, according to recent polls.

A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday puts Trump’s approval rating at 39 percent, with 49 percent of Americans strongly disapproving of the job he has done as president. The poll was conducted between February 16 and 21, with 1,323 voters nationwide with a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

According to that poll, Trump saw most of his support from his party, with an 83 percent approval rating from Republicans and only a 5 percent approval from Democrats. More than half of independents have an unfavorable view of Trump after his first month, down 2 points since February 7.

Half of Americans strongly disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president, while only 29 percent strongly approve, a change of 4 percentage points from a similar poll conducted just two weeks ago.

Gallup polls show Trump’s lowest approval rating, 38 percent, came last Thursday, but six days later, it rose to 42 percent.

Real Clear Politics puts Trump's approval average at 44.4 percent, based on 10 major polls taken between February 5 and 21.


The Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday also asked voters about their views on immigration, and found more than half, 58 percent of Americans, disapprove of the way Trump is handling immigration issues, up two points from February 7.

When asked about immigration from "terror prone" regions, 43 percent said they support a suspension, down one point from the last poll on February 7.

The poll also found that more than half, 59 percent, of voters support Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, up from 46 percent from the last poll. Less than half, 45 percent, of Americans support Trump’s policies to indefinitely suspend immigration for Syrian refugees, up 8 points since the February 7 poll.

In contrast, 59 percent said they supported the actions the ninth circuit court took in blocking Trump's executive order on immigration.

A recent poll from Harvard-Harris also showed that the vast majority of Americans support overhauling immigration laws, and 80 percent supporting Trump’s policies on “sanctuary cities.

War and foreign policy

A poll from NBC News and SurveyMonkey published Wednesday found that two-thirds, 66 percent, of Americans are either somewhat or very worried that the US will get involved in a major war during the Trump presidency, with only 8 percent saying they were not worried at all.

The poll found that 10 percent of Americans list terrorism as their most important issue.

The most recent poll from Quinnipiac also found that only 36 percent of Americans approve of how Trump is handling foreign policy, down two points from their survey on February 7.