Trump wins Electoral College vote amid protests (VIDEO)

Trump wins Electoral College vote amid protests (VIDEO)
President-elect Donald Trump has officially secured victory from the Electoral College, amassing votes. Protesters called for electors to "vote your conscience" outside various state houses where each state's November election results were being authenticated.

Trump garnered a total 304 votes to Clinton's 227 on Monday.

Around 5:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Trump reached his 270th Electoral College vote to become the 45th US president, according to the Associated Press. Texas put Trump past the threshold, with 36 of its 38 electors voting for him to reflect the results of the state's November election results. Two "faithless" electors in the Texas delegation voted for former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Ohio Governor John Kasich, both Republicans.

In the state of Washington, four electors pledged to Clinton did not vote for her, instead opting for Colin Powell, who received three votes, and Faith Spotted Eagle. In Hawaii, one of Clinton's four pledged electors voted for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

Ahead of Monday's vote, 306 electors were anticipated to vote for Trump, while the other 232 were pledged to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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