Sleep well – the economy depends on it! US loses $411 bln from insufficient sleep

Sleep well – the economy depends on it! US loses $411 bln from insufficient sleep
A poor night’s snooze costs more than just your refreshed glow in the morning. Exhaustion in the workplace is not only frustrating for employees but expensive for employers. According to a report from the RAND Corporation, the US loses $411 billion annually from inadequate slumber, totaling 1.23 million working days.

In a perfect world, everyone would meet the recommended seven to nine hours worth of nightly shuteye. However, an estimated 50 to 70 million American adults suffer from chronic sleep problems, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Anyone who has spent a night tossing and turning is familiar with the negative effects on concentration and memory. But the report from the RAND Corporation notes that individuals who sleep an average of less than six hours a night have a 10 percent higher mortality rate than their well-rested counterparts.

If that isn’t enough to convince people that getting a good night’s sleep is a priority, the report claims that if people who normally get an insufficient amount of sleep get at least six to seven hours a night, the US economy would have $225.4 billion added to it.

Marco Hafner, the report’s main author, wrote, “our study shows that the effects from a lack of sleep are massive. Sleep deprivation not only influences an individual’s health and wellbeing but has a significant impact on a nation’s economy, with lower productivity levels and a higher mortality risk among workers.

The US isn’t alone in its costly and sleepy citizens. According to the study, Japan loses $138 billion a year from insufficient bedtime. Due to the difference in economy sizes, Japan technically loses more money than the US over exhaustion. The United Kingdom comes in third place, followed by Germany.