Relatable bald eagle saved from storm drain in a dramatic rescue (VIDEO)

Two bald eagles were found stuck in a Florida storm drain in what may be the most apt metaphor for the 2016 election. While one was able to fly away, another was caught in the storm drain and retreated further into it.

The pair managed to shut down a busy street during peak rush hours in Orange County, Florida. Although one was able to fly away, it stuck around in solidarity.

A reporter for WFTV claimed that 250 people came to watch the rescue efforts after the trapped eagle fell deeper into the storm drain.The bird was rescued by a wildlife expert and taken to receive veterinary care.

However, the idea of rescuing a bald eagle the day before Veteran’s Day left some in tears at the scene.

Wildlife expert Dianna Flint of the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey orchestrated the rescue and told WFTV that the eagle was likely a female who may have been involved in a territorial fight. She also explained that the other eagle may have been involved in the fight and was just waiting for the trapped bird to free itself so they could go back to fighting.