Conservative commentator Ann Coulter trolled over Trump ‘landslide’ claim

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter trolled over Trump ‘landslide’ claim
As Americans go to the polls to elect their 45th president conservative commentator Ann Coulter has presented a voting condition that would hand Donald Trump a comprehensive victory. However, it would also preclude him from casting a ballot.

Coulter sparked a Twitter storm when she posted: "If only people with at least 4 grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win a 50-state landslide.”

People were quick to point out that none of Trump's grandparents were born in the US and indeed his own mother was born in Scotland. Therefore he and his children wouldn’t be able to vote.

When faced with these inconvenient facts the right-wing commentator, who wrote a book titled ‘In Trump We Trust’, dismissed them as irrelevant and attacked people for not noticing the “blinding truth” of her statement.

“Ann Coulter” trended on Twitter in the US as people reacted to her post.

As well as the obvious fact which would prevent Trump from voting, numerous other Twitter users claimed Coulter’s suggestion had echoes to Nazi Germany’s Mischling Test.

The rule defined a person as racially ‘mixed’ if they had one Jewish grandparent and ‘Jewish’ if they had three or four grandparents from that background.