Different angle, fresh perspective: Watch big election night on RT America

Different angle, fresh perspective: Watch big election night on RT America
While the major TV networks fall back on their tired old red vs. blue maps of the US on Election Night, RT America approaches the results from a different angle. After all, the effects of the election will be felt around the world.

On Tuesday, RT hosts special coverage live from its studios in Washington, DC; New York City; and Los Angeles, California. Called Election 2016: Worldwide, it will be co-anchored by veteran hosts Larry King, Jesse Ventura and Ed Schultz. Joining them will be RT America’s broadcast team, including the hosts of the network’s signature shows, who are spread around the country to see what matters to Americans outside the Beltway bubble. The live coverage begins at 4pm ET, running until midnight on all RT channels.


In New York City, Tyrel Ventura (@TyrelWatching) of ‘Watching the Hawks’ will be covering the rally at the campaign headquarters for Republican nominee Donald Trump, while co-host Tabetha Wallace (@TabethaWatching) will be covering the rally at Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign HQ.

Although much of the focus this election cycle has been on Clinton and Trump, third-party candidates have played a major role. Alexey Yaroshevsky (@Yaro_RT) is in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the headquarters of Libertarian Gary Johnson’s campaign, while Trinity Chavez (@TrinityfChavez) will be in New York at Green nominee Jill Stein’s HQ.

We are on the ground in crucial swing states: Manuel Rapalo (@Manuel_Rapalo) is in Columbus, Ohio, where no Republican has won the White House without also winning Ohio since the party was established in 1854. Marina Portnaya (@portnayanyc) is in Miami, Florida, the state at the epicenter of the controversial 2000 presidential election. Ashlee Banks (@AshleeBanks_RT) heads to Arlington, Virginia, the home state of Democratic vice presidential pick Tim Kaine, where Trump has made a play. Brigida Santos (@Brigida__Santos) is in Los Angeles, California, home to the largest number of electoral votes with 55.

“I’m looking forward to the fact that RT will give fair and balanced coverage tomorrow. I really believe having people like me [represented] will give a complete, balanced look,” Ventura told RT America on Monday. “I have no dog in the fight because I’m an independent. That’s what I’m looking forward to tomorrow: honest journalism.”

The special coverage won’t just focus on how the outcome affects the US, however. It will report the state-by-state results through a global lens. Bianca Facchinei (@BiancaFacchinei) is in Berlin, Germany to give the world’s reactions.

The consequences from this election are “a decision that impacts over seven billion people,” King said. “We realize that global perspective matters.”

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