’Pharma bro’ Shkreli heckles Hillary after collapse

’Pharma bro’ Shkreli heckles Hillary after collapse
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton found herself taunted by “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, as she briefly reappeared in public after her collapse at the 9/11 memorial service. Shkreli heckled Clinton outside her daughter’s New York apartment.

Clinton nearly collapsed after abruptly leaving a 9/11 commemoration in Lower Manhattan on Sunday. She had to be helped into a car by several members of her campaign staff. While the campaign initially blamed the incident on “overheating,” Clinton’s doctor later said the candidate had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days beforehand.

Shkreli became the “most hated man in America” last year after his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, raised the price of a life-saving drug by over 5,000 percent. Daraprim is used to treat parasitic infections, including a fungal form of pneumonia, and is often prescribed to AIDS patients.

When Clinton reappeared outside her daughter’s Manhattan apartment, Turing’s former CEO shouted “do you need pharma bro’s help?” and “drop out!” The comments were caught on camera.

Shkreli also yelled out “why are you so sick?" and “Go Trump!” according to his own admission on Twitter, but those remarks were not caught on video.

Waving at the crowd gathered outside the apartment, Clinton only said she was “feeling great!” She was then photographed talking to a little girl on the street.

Shkreli later speculated on Twitter he might have been heckling a body double, retweeting users who posted speculation about the authenticity of the walking, talking Clinton.