Dozens injured as 3 balconies fall like dominoes at off-campus party in Hartford

Dozens injured as 3 balconies fall like dominoes at off-campus party in Hartford
Three levels of rear balconies crashed under the weight of students partying at a house near Trinity College campus in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday night. At least 30 people were rushed to hospitals, and police and fire crews are working at the site.

A massive off-campus party in Hartford, Connecticut went completely wrong after the balconies of a house that was hosted the festivities started crumbling, overloaded by numerous guests. According to Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley of the Hartford Police Department, the collapse of the third floor balcony caused a chain reaction, crashing onto the second floor balcony, which, in turn, collapsed onto the first.

There have been conflicting reports as to how many people were injured in the crash. According to various estimates from 30 to 80 people were hurt. So far, 30 have been transported to local hospitals, said Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford police. Foley said, miraculously, the most serious injury was a broken arm.

Witnesses report that “multiple ambulances” were dispatched to the scene to transfer the injured to nearby hospitals, while some people received first aid right on a lawn near the building.

In the meantime, the city’s police and fire department called for “all available resources” to be sent to the scene, although there have been no reports of a fire or casualties.

“No major injuries at point,” Foley wrote on Twitter.

The Hartford Fire Department reportedly also took the scene under control.
Although the building doesn’t belong to Trinity, the university will try to contact the family of each student affected by the collapse.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin issued a statement confirming that the accident had caused “no fatalities and no known critical injuries,” while praising the first responders who managed “to identify the injured students and get them transported to safety.”