83yo Florida man old dismembered, mauled to death by pack of dogs

83yo Florida man old dismembered, mauled to death by pack of dogs
An 83-year-old man was found dead near his home in Jacksonville after being mauled by a pack of dogs. The attack was so vicious that one neighbor said only 30 percent of his body was left after the assault.

Michael Downing’s body was found next to a set of trash cans next to both his and the dog’s owner’s home. “By far it’s probably the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life. There was only 30 per cent left of his body,” a neighbor who discovered the body told WFTV.

Downing was described as a frail man who had recently been given a wheelchair. One witness said he was tossed around like a “rag doll” by the dogs who tore off his legs and ripped flesh from his arms and head.

The dogs are reportedly of mixed breed including Rottweiler, German shepherd and chow chow.

All four dogs are now under the care of Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS). The animals are in the process of being declared dangerous, which would lead to them being humanely euthanized.

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Owner Lephus Felton could face civil citations and criminal charges, including negligent manslaughter, ACPS Director Jim Crosby told WJXT.

What happened before the attack is currently under investigation, with Felton claiming Downing regularly agitated the animals. Felton and Downing’s homes were separated by a fence in which a hole was found.

If ACPS declares the dogs to be dangerous, Felton can appeal. No arrest has yet been made.