No more ‘rape & honey’: Canadian town drops 60-yo slogan

No more ‘rape & honey’: Canadian town drops 60-yo slogan
A small Canadian town in northern Saskatchewan has voted to drop its controversial motto, “Land of Rape and Honey,” to replace it with the new catchphrase “Opportunity Grows Here.”

The word ‘rape’ in the nearly 60-year-old slogan referred to the bright-yellow rapeseed plant, which was the main crop grown in the area. It was also a precursor to the now-famous Canadian canola seed. 

Currently, the rapeseed represents less than one per cent of crops grown in the area. Honey production also dropped substantially.

Last fall, a survey discovered that Tisdale’s 3,200 residents wanted to get rid of its outdated motto, which was first introduced in 1958, with many expressing concern that the word ‘rape’ now commonly refers to sexual assault. 
Last fall the town council has successfully voted for rebranding.

The new slogan aims to recognize the town’s agricultural history. “Having a brand that is modern, unique and conveys an easily understood message is paramount in today’s competitive environment,” Tisdale’s economic development director, Sean Wallace, said in a release. 

The town hopes the attention of rebranding will bring about new foreign and domestic investments to the local agriculture businesses. It promotes itself as growing a number of crops and having a key location near all the important rail and highways routes.

The new slogan will now appear on town signs and even stationery.