‘Fresh Connection’: Oregon man finds portable toilet packed with pot

‘Fresh Connection’: Oregon man finds portable toilet packed with pot
It started when a man out walking his dog in Rogue River, Oregon, stopped to use the portable toilet next to the tennis courts. On opening the door, he discovered it was stuffed with marijuana plants.

Rogue River police posted photos of the bonanza harvest on social media on Wednesday with the caption “Got Marijuana? We do!” and said it is the largest bust the department has made.

Other pictures showed police removing the evidence and stuffing it into the back of a pick-up.

Police Chief Ken Lewis said police still don't know how the pot got there, according to AP. He said it could be anything from a pick-up point to a disgruntled citizen making a statement about all the marijuana grows.

On Thursday, police posted new pictures of the “The Fresh Connection” (a word play on the famous 1970s movie: “The French Connection,” about a police attempts to bust a heroin ring) showing the evidence being run through a wood chipper in the city.

Marijuana grows are common in southern Oregon, which has some of the best conditions for outdoor cultivation, according to the AP. 

Oregon is among 25 states where marijuana is legal for medical or recreational use.

Several state governors were pressing the Obama administration to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule I controlled drug. Schedule 1, drugs are considered to have a high potential for abuse, and no accepted medical use, making it illegal to make, possess and distribute. Other schedule 1 drugs are LSD and heroin.

The feds said Thursday they had rejected a request to reclassify marijuana as Schedule II controlled substance, arguing it was not a safe and effective medicine.

The National Cannabis Industry Association said the DEA’s decision “flies in the face of objective science and overwhelming public opinion,” according to UPI.

Five states are voting on the legalizing of recreations marijuana use this November, among them California.

Legal marijuana producers and retailers, for example, have trouble accessing banking services because of the federal prohibition on marijuana.txt