Woman beats up train passenger in California over alleged racist abuse (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Woman beats up train passenger in California over alleged racist abuse (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Footage has emerged of a woman taking matters into her own hands – and feet – after she repeatedly stomped on a man who reportedly racially abused her and other passengers on a train in Long Beach, California.

The 53-second video shows the woman standing over the passenger, who had reportedly been intoxicated. She firmly kicks him in the face, bouncing his head off the wall behind him.

Wearing a pair of leggings with marijuana leaf prints, the woman continues to kick the man before climbing over the seats and stomping on his back and head, forcing him onto the floor.

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The individual filming the incident can be heard gasping and saying, “don’t kill him now,” several times.

An anonymous eyewitness told ABC7 that the man had been shouting several racial slurs at the woman and other passengers prior to things getting violent on Monday around 7:00pm.

After delivering numerous blows to the man, the young woman stepped away, leaving him lying groaning on the carriage floor.

The eyewitness said that eventually the emergency stop mechanism was initiated and the train operator informed of the incident.

Some social media users said the man got what he deserved because he should not have used racial slurs, even if he was drunk.

Others said the female passenger went too far and had no reason to be so violent.

The assault was not reported to authorities but police are investigating the incident and called the attack “excessive,” according to the LA Times.

Warning: This video contains images some may find disturbing