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Reddit heavily moderates Trump’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ – this is the result

Reddit heavily moderates Trump’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ – this is the result
A Reddit “Ask Me Anything” featuring an unfiltered Trump had all the hallmarks to make an endlessly entertaining read, but an increase in “security measures” and censorship turned the chat into anything but.

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Even before it kicked off, a Reddit moderator warned users that the session would be a little different/boring in order to discourage “troublemakers,” defeating the entire purpose of an AMA.

For this AMA we have temporarily taken extra security measures to keep our community free from troublemakers. We built the wall 10 ft taller, you might say,” well at least they haven’t lost all sense of humor.

Participants were warned that comments would only be accepted from established users and any comments from accounts less than 30 days old would be automatically deleted.

So on Wednesday night, the presidential candidate signed in during his flight to Ohio to answer about 12 burning questions like; “Are you getting tired of winning?” FYI, his answer was unsurprisingly: “I am never tired of winning, and as your president I will win for you, the American people.”

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There were some reasonable and sound queries, however, like: “Mr. Trump. What is your plan for reducing or removing the influence of money in politics?," to which Trump actually replied: “Keeping crooked Hillary Clinton out of the White House!

In-between the continuous string of memes and “lock her up” posts, The Donald did manage to address some issues, like his love of NASA, his dislike for voter fraud, and the rising cost of education.

It’s a total disaster! I will create millions of new jobs, reform our education system, and work to free young Americans from the awful burden of debt,” he answered.

Among other answers, Trump shared some changes he plans to put into place should he be elected president, like replacing “disastrous Obamacare” with an “amazing new plan” and reforming the H-1B system (which can be viewed on his website).

Overall, Trump’s few answers were deemed short and “vague” and failed to impress those who had logged in for a fresh insight into “The Donald.”