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Swipe the vote: Tinder plays political matchmaker for US presidential campaign

Swipe the vote: Tinder plays political matchmaker for US presidential campaign
Tinder, the ultimate hook-up app, is making politics sexy as it attempts to match up voters with their dream presidential candidate via its customary way of swiping left or right.

The matchmaking application has simplified the process of finding your ideal partner by cutting out the time-consuming part of modern-day dating and is now applying the same tactic to politics.

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Voters in the US can simply swipe yes or no to answer ten questions, which Tinder will then use to match them up with their ideal president. Who needs to read up on candidate’s policies, attend rallies or even watch a debate?

The questions gauge your yes-or-no reaction to a range of issues, including same-sex marriage, abortion, minimum wage, the death penalty, online privacy and Obamacare. The app then chooses your political bedfellow.

Users can tap on each issue to get more information if they are not sure where they stand on the matter.

The list was established in conjunction with Rock the Vote, a liberal nonprofit group that aims to increase political participation among young people.

Tinder launched the feature Wednesday, in response to users expressing their political views on the site. A number of people were banned from the service earlier in the campaign season for openly campaigning for candidates.

“First it was Bernie supporters, then it was Rubio. We’ve been amazed by the amount of users expressing their political views with matches during this presidential campaign. That’s why we decided to build Swipe the Vote,” the company blog reads.

Tinder will collect and anonymize the data, and says the results may be released at a later date.