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New York night-mare: Cooked horse head found in city park

New York night-mare: Cooked horse head found in city park
A Sunday stroll turned squeamish when a woman discovered a severed horse head in a box in Manhattan’s Highbridge Park. The head ‒ which appeared to have been cooked ‒ was found in a cardboard box alongside fruit, vegetables and other animal bones.

The woman was taking a walk at 11am when she found a discarded Corona beer box containing the grisly contents that were likely part of someone’s meal, a police source told the New York Post.

We know Europeans have a taste for “horse-burgers,” but has the fad finally reached the US?

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Probably not, according to police, who say the horse was likely an unlucky guest at Dominican Republic’s Independence Day celebrations on Sunday and used as part of a meal. Goat and sheep body parts were also discovered in nearby Inwood Hill Park.

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Were all the butchers in New York closed on Sunday? Surely there was a better way to get meat than this. Or was this a Godfather-style warning message from the New York pedicab drivers?

Or was someone watching Se7en at the same time as the Godfather? Please, people, stop multitasking!

We’ve heard of the headless horseman but is there a full-headed rider going around on a headless horse now? We can’t take this craziness.

Horse meat looked to be making its way to McDonald’s in Kazakhstan last week, but the rumor was dismissed as a misquote from a representative.

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