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Wheee! Tiny paralyzed bunny uses mini skateboard to get around (VIDEO)

Wheee! Tiny paralyzed bunny uses mini skateboard to get around (VIDEO)
Meet Wheels, a paralyzed little bunny who speeds around his home on a tiny little skateboard.

Footage filmed on Tuesday by owner Jason Ambrosino shows Wheels skating around his home as fast as an Energizer bunny.

The sweet little bunny was bitten by an adult rabbit after wandering from his nest. He was found almost frozen in a barn. He wasn’t able to move his bottom half, but still pulled himself around with his front legs.

The rescuers bought him a miniature skateboard for $1, and attached it to his legs.

Now, the little rabbit speeds around on his little skateboard quicker than the other bunnies.

Wheels lives on Overlook Acres farm in upstate New York, where the farmers believe in sustainable “agriculture and self-reliance.”

The owners plan to make a children’s book telling his story and have started a Kickstarter page that has already raised more than $2,000.

As it turns out, Wheels isn’t the first rabbit on wheels. This video from 2010 shows Jellybean – a disabled rabbit found with a broken back and ribs in Oklahoma City. He had to have his back legs amputated and now gets around in a wheelchair-like device.

Then there’s Albert, a rabbit with a spinal embolism that made him unable to stand. He gets around on wheels too, with enough space to let his legs hit the ground. 

Last but not least is Joe, who was found abandoned with his brother. Joe’s back legs didn’t work properly, so his new owner designed a rabbit wheelchair that looks like a wheelbarrow so that he could get around.