‘Mass farting’ demonstration trolls pro-gun group

‘Mass farting’ demonstration trolls pro-gun group
Anti-gun activists staged a “mass farting” demonstration over the weekend at the University of Texas (UT) in Austin to counter a “mock mass shooting” organized by Come and Take It Texas and Don’tcomply.com that was taking place at the same time nearby.

The event was attended by a group of around 100 people opposed to gun violence and the ability to legally carry guns at UT, who outnumbered those attending the mock shooting.

Organizers encouraged attendees to bring "a farting device," or whoopee cushions, as well as dildos to the Saturday event. "We’ll find these wackos and follow them around, farting and waving dildos at them," the event’s Facebook page read.

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"We won’t let extremists terrify our community. We will meet their fear with laughter," the march’s organizers wrote on social media in advance of the march.

The #massfarting turned out to be way too much for the handful of gun perverts, and after a last minute change of venue...

Posted by David Durbin on Saturday, 12 December 2015

While the mock shooting was being staged, the farters’ march cut the cheese from Guadalupe Street in Austin to the campus, chanting slogans such as "This is what democracy looks like," "We fart in your general direction," and "May the farts be with you".

By the time the march had reached its finish point, the mock shooting had already concluded.


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