Colorado shooter talked about ‘baby parts’ to police after deadly attack

Colorado shooter talked about ‘baby parts’ to police after deadly attack
The suspected Colorado Planned Parenthood gunman Robert Lewis Dear said “no more baby parts” after his arrest, and voiced his anti-abortion views, according to law enforcement sources.

Officials wouldn’t give more details and the shooter’s motives are under investigation.

However, witnesses told AP his opposition to abortion had motivated the killer.

Robert Lewis Dear killed three people and wounded nine during the shooting and the standoff that lasted hours on Friday.

The situation became very tense when it became known Dear was still inside the clinic. Initially, police thought the gunman had left the building after the shooting rampage.

Twenty-four people were evacuated from the Planned Parenthood clinic. Some 300 more people had to shelter at a nearby shopping center to avoid the gunfire.

Apart from firearms, propane tanks were also discovered in Dear’s car in the parking lot, and officials think the shooter was going to fire at them in order to cause an explosion.

Following the shooting, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch called the shooting a "crime against women," while Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said it's "a tragedy that is beyond speech."

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The 57-year-old shooter is currently in custody without bail, and is set to appear in court on Monday.

After a public records search, authorities discovered Dear had lived in Colorado for about a year, with neighbors saying he had anti-government, as well as anti-abortion views.

Dear had lived in the Carolinas. He was charged with two counts of animal cruelty, but found not guilty in 2003.

In 1997, Dear’s wife accused him of domestic abuse, but no charges were filed, according to the local Sheriff’s Office.