4 police officers injured in brawl started by Pennsylvania high school students (VIDEO)

 4 police officers injured in brawl started by Pennsylvania high school students (VIDEO)
Dozens of students involved in a brawl outside an Allentown, Pennsylvania high school drew the attention of police officers, who attempted to break up the fight. However, students started attacking officers, injuring 4.

A video from the scene shows students attacking police. The incident resulted in five arrests and four officers being injured.

The melee broke out around 3:00pm, just after classes had ended at Allen High School on Thursday. The brawl attracted a crowd of almost 200 who spread out over an area of several blocks. It reportedly began as a fight between two female students, according to District Attorney Jim Martin.

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Police say that some of the students turned on officers as they arrived on the scene and tried to pull belligerents apart.

Martin said that one of the officers trying to break up the fight received a concussion. A female officer, who can be seen being knocked to the ground in the video, may have also suffered a concussion, but both officers were released from the hospital, according to New York Daily News.

Two other offices were injured in the fighting, but they were treated back at the station.

Martin said that the city’s surveillance cameras were instrumental in identifying and arresting three of the teens involved in the brawl on Thursday. Two more were arrested on Friday. The five teens face charges of aggravated assault, simple assault and riot. He said that more arrests may be made for failing to disperse.