High School in Louisville, Kentucky on lockdown after active shooter reports

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Police in Louisville, Kentucky are responding to a call of an “active shooter” at Western High School.

Western, and the nearby Waller-Williams Environmental School, have both been placed on lockdown.

Officials are saying the lockdown was a precaution, as they are trying to confirm the presence of a shooter. There have been no reported injuries yet.

There is a heavy police and firefighter presence at both schools, blocking the nearby roads. The authorities are saying they received a “phoned in threat” at Western High School. No shooter has been found so far.

Parents headed to Western High School are being redirected to the nearby Rockford Lane Baptist Church, where they are waiting for updates from the police.

Police are telling parents that everything “appears to be OK,” local media report. Every floor of WHS has been searched, no shooter was found. 

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department says a call to 911 made a threat to Western High School and hung up. The caller said "something's going to happen" at the school and a "shooter is in the building," according to Lt. Col. Carl Yates.

Police have swept the entire building, finding no shooter. Another sweep is being conducted before classes can resume.

"At this point, we think it was just a hoax," Sergeant Vittitoe of the Shively Police Department told the concerned parents.