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10 Aug, 2015 17:40

State of emergency: Protesters, police face off following Mike Brown's death anniversary

State of emergency: Protesters, police face off following Mike Brown's death anniversary

Following a night of protests in Ferguson that resulted in shots fired, demonstrators continued to make their voices heard Monday as St. Louis County declared a state of emergency in an effort to maintain order. The renewed protests follow the one-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting.

A black 18-year-old man, reportedly a friend of Michael Brown’s, was shot by police on Sunday. Tear gas was fired after a day of commemoration during which hundreds of people took to the streets of Ferguson.

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  • 11 August 2015

    04:22 GMT

    Police have said the "12-year-old girl" who was arrested is actually 18 years of age.

  • 03:54 GMT

    Dramatic photos of police arresting and facing off with demonstrators in Ferguson tonight.

  • 03:52 GMT

    A 12-year-old girl has reportedly been arrested, according to accounts on social media.

  • 03:48 GMT

    Demonstrators have linked arms as police stand on the other side of the street.

  • 03:46 GMT

    A drone has reportedly been sighted above the protest.

  • 03:20 GMT

    Police have reportedly started making arrests and kicking people off the streets.

    According to law enforcement, frozen water bottles were thrown at officers.

  • 03:03 GMT

    Police say rocks and bottles have been thrown at officers near W. Florissant.

  • 03:00 GMT

    Hundreds of people are reportedly out on West Florissant. 

  • 02:56 GMT

    Some protesters are questioning the police's use of riot gear in the face of peaceful demonstrations.

  • 02:48 GMT

    The evening in Ferguson has been quiet compared to the flurry of arrests made earlier in the day. A few marches peaceful have been reported.