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The bitter end: New app shows which Facebook friends deleted you

The bitter end: New app shows which Facebook friends deleted you
Feel like you’re being stealthy when you quietly “unfriend” an acquaintance from Facebook? Think again. A new app called Who Deleted Me can potentially add insult to injury by showing users which so-called friends severed ties since their last visit.

The app also shows other useful stats that the social networking site doesn’t give you on its own, such as the friends that you yourself have deleted, total number of friends and who has recently deactivated their account.


The fact that Facebook has an “unfollow” feature, which stops showing the unfollowed user’s posts on the timeline, means that a full-fledged unfriending is a drastic measure, perhaps justifying the app’s existence to track such affronts.

Who Deleted Me – which is available for free for iOS and Android platforms, as well as in the form of a Google Chrome extension – is the work of UK-based developer Anthony Kuske. A previous incarnation of the app had the blessing of Facebook, but was disabled as a supported add-on in February because it was “creating a negative user experience.”

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The new version of the app probably won’t suffer the same fate because it accesses friends lists directly from users’ pages, rather than getting the information through Facebook’s API, Kuske told Mashable.

The rebirth has been an so successful that the Who Deleted Me app and website have been crashing due to a large influx of traffic, and some have complained in the Google Play application store that the app is failing to load.

We're experiencing much higher than normal traffic currently so Who Deleted Me is running slowly. We're working on a fix!Posted by Who Deleted Me on Monday, July 6, 2015