Little girl with rainbow flag vs Christian activist (VIDEO)

Little girl with rainbow flag vs Christian activist (VIDEO)
In a graphic illustration of the raging debate on gay marriage, a video has emerged from Columbus, Ohio, of a little girl with a rainbow flag standing up against a Christian preacher, who emotionally assures her that it is a sin, and Jesus will save her.

In the video posted on YouTube, the girl holds up a rainbow flag, while the Christian activist approaches her with an ardent speech on Jesus’s “redeeming power.”

“It’s a love you’ll get through your life. Jesus Christ will give you that!” he shouts, insisting that the “gay world” is quite the contrary.

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“This world will give you heartache, this world will give you divorce, this world will give you pain!”

He continues by turning to the crowd nearby and reminding them once again that “Jesus will redeem from that.”

The crowd seems indifferent to his emotional speech, and so does the little girl, with people approaching and giving her hi-fives.

The incident happened at Comfest, a community event in Columbus, Ohio, and the preacher is reported to have assaulted other festivalgoers. In the end, he was escorted out by police, YouTube users said.

Comments about the video are split, with some saying the parents “are doing a great job of teaching their daughter that love is love and that religion is not the way of the world,” and that they had explained to her what she is doing it for.

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Other commentators think otherwise, with one of them saying the girl’s parents should stop using their kid as a “tool of protest.”

Many echo the commentator’s concern, posting that the girl probably doesn’t know why she is holding the flag.