'Unspecified' threat to plane from London at Newark airport

'Unspecified' threat to plane from London at Newark airport
A threat was called into the Newark-Liberty International Airport on Monday morning, according to local media. In particular, Delta flight 69, bound for Newark from London, was threatened.

The call came in sometime just before 12:00 pm EST, according to sources for NBC 4 New York. The plane was then taken to a remote area and emptied of all 191 passengers and 11 crew members.

The caller, according to WABC, was male and "not believed to be credible."

The threat was "unspecified," according to law enforcement sources for the New York Post.

Port Authority police, as well as Emergency Service Unit officers, the K-9 Unit, and Air Craft Fire Rescue members were on the scene. Authorities checked the luggage off passengers with bomb-sniffing dogs and gave an all clear around 2:00 pm, according to a local CBS affiliate.

Police have maintained a heavy presence around the airport, NBC 4 reported.

The threat is currently under investigation.

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On Sunday, a bomb threat was called into John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York. A plane scheduled to fly from New York City to Milan, Italy was emptied as police searched the premises.