From trolling social media to funny faces, Obama’s State of the Union got tongues wagging

President Barack Obama winks during his State of the Union address.(Screenshot from RT video)
The president’s annual State of the Union address is filled with pomp and circumstance, tradition and serious ideas put forth to better the country. But President Barack Obama’s SOTU speech had moments of levity sprinkled throughout.

It began with the White House social media team trolling Twitter.

And the infamous tan suit wasn’t the only bit of fashion that caught people’s eyes, as First Lady Michelle Obama borrowed a suit from ‘The Good Wife’, Alicia Florrick.

Social media made an appearance of its own in Obama’s speech, with the president giving a shout out to NASA astronaut Captain Scott Kelly and Instagram.

Vice President Joe Biden made faces, blew kisses and generally provided Motivational Biden and other meme-makers plenty of fodder.

Of course, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) couldn’t let the veep have all the fun making funny faces.

As Obama got in an impromptu, not-so-subtle dig at Republicans who applauded that he’s almost out of office.