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Coast to coast, US boiling with rage over Ferguson verdict (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Coast to coast, US boiling with rage over Ferguson verdict (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The fallout from the Missouri grand jury’s decision to acquit the officer accused of killing Michael Brown. Demonstrations are taking place in a number of large cities across the country, including outside the White House in Washington, DC.

LIVE UPDATES on Ferguson reaction to grand jury decision


Protests in the US capitol have been mainly peaceful, with in the region of a thousand protesters gathering outside the White House. Some have been chanting 'Hand's up, Don't Shoot,' while others have been lying down on the ground.

New York

Protesters took to the streets marching up Seventh Avenue following the grand jury's decision, while barricadeswere torn downat Union Square, where more than a thousand people had gathered.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton attended the protests in the city, but was splattered with fake blood. The protesters are causing havoc to the city's transport systems and have already taken over three bridges, which have all been shut down.

There have also been reports of some scuffles between protesters and the police. Law enforcement officers were using their batons against the public, who threw objects at the police in response.


Despite sub-zero temperatures in the Windy City, protesters are out in force and have already shut down a major intersection in the city center.


There are reports that protests in the West Coast city are beginning to turn violent. They have started to light fires on the city's main streets, while police are maintaining a heavy and visible presence.

Those angered by the Missouri grand jury's decision had blocked all lanes of Interstate 580, shutting down the highway. The local authorities said that so manypeople were taken into custody that police requested a bus to transport them.

There are also reports that flags have been burnt as well as garbage being set on fire.

Los Angeles

The majority of protests have so far been peaceful, with some lying down in the middle of the road, bringing traffic to a halt.

Protesters have also successfully managed to block the 110 freeway in the city, which has been shut down in both north and southbound directions.