2 people rescued from rubble of collapsed building in Chicago (PHOTOS)

2 people rescued from rubble of collapsed building in Chicago (PHOTOS)
An apartment building has “completely” collapsed in the Washington Park neighbourhood of Chicago after a reported explosion, trapping people under the debris. Fire Department crews believe they rescued the only two victims, but continue their search.

Some reports suggest there was an explosion before the building went down.

“Something blew up and the whole building is pancaked," Chicago Tribune cites Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford as saying.

The city's Fire Department has rescued one person at 19:20 local time while another one was pulled out 20 minutes later. The first victim was reported in fair-to-serious condition when taken to hospital.

Two women – young and elderly – are believed to be the only people inside the building at the time of the incident. Rescuers however continue checking the debris.

The younger woman had been on the third floor at the time the incident, while the older woman was on the second floor, Langford said. A dog named Tigger was also reportedly rescued.

Around 100 fire personnel are searching for others, Deputy District Chief Jeff Lyle of the Chicago Fire Department said.

"We have a three-story residential building that pancaked," Lyle said, as quoted by Reuters. "We're not sure of the cause right now."

Chicago police have also arrived at the scene, assisting the fire fighters. Authorities are not yet sure whether an explosion actually happened, or if the person who initially called the emergency mistook the sounds of the collapsing building.