Pilot dead after plane crashes into Chicago home (PHOTOS)

Pilot dead after plane crashes into Chicago home (PHOTOS)
A small cargo plane crashed into a home within a residential neighborhood near Midway Airport in Chicago early Tuesday. The pilot, the only person on board the plane, died in the wreck.

The Chicago Fire Department confirmed the pilot - unidentified at this time - died in the incident, and that the plane crashed into the roof - then into the living room and through the basement - of a home on S. Knox Avenue just before 3 a.m. CT, according to WGN.

Two elderly residents in the home were not injured. A neighbor helped them escape the house, according to reports. There was no fire or explosion following the crash.

"They were in a bedroom next to the living room and the living room is gone," Chicago Fire Chief Michael Fox said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Eight inches. They were very lucky."

Firefighters had to wait to enter the home given the building was unsafe, WGN reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the Aero Commander 500 plane was scheduled to go to Chicago Executive Airport, 18 miles northwest of Chicago. Yet the pilot changed the destination to Ohio State University’s airport just before take-off.

After departure, the pilot reported engine problems and asked to return the plane to Midway. The crash occurred just about one-quarter mile from Midway’s Runway 31C, according to WGN.