'Polar bear' arrested at #FloodWallStreet protest

'Polar bear' arrested at #FloodWallStreet protest
New York police arrested the most conspicuous of the Flood Wall Street protest participants - man wearing a polar bear costume. The episode, caught on camera, has gone viral on social media and has grown into one of the protest’s highlights.

Flood Wall Street ends with mass arrests after day-long protest (PHOTOS)

Pictures of ‘Frostpaw the Polar Bear' being handcuffed and taken away by police have taken Twitter by storm.

Social media users say protesters booed police when it was in the process of arresting a man dressed as a bear, chanting “Don’t arrest the polar bear!”

Frostpaw was one of a hundred protesters arrested during a sit-in rally in Wall Street on Monday night.

The Polar Bear is actually a mascot of the Center for Biological Diversity. The group’s Twitter account identified the man in the Frostpaw suit as the center’s co-founder, Peter Galvin.

The Wall Street sit-in came a day after a New York City staged the world's ‘biggest ever’ climate change march, in which 310,000 people took part.

The Flood Wall Street event – with 2,000 participants - had an aim of highlighting the role of big business in damaging the environment.