Tweet gone wrong: Outrage over AP post saying plane with bodies 'from Flight 17 crash lands in Eindhoven'

Coffins of the victims of Malaysia Airlines MH17 downed over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine, are carried from an aircraft during a national reception ceremony at Eindhoven airport July 23, 2014. (Reuters/Toussaint Kluiter)
The Associated Press Twitter account took heat across the social media site Wednesday morning when it blasted out an errantly-worded tweet announcing supposed "breaking" news regarding the transport of Flight MH17 crash victims.

The crash of the airliner last week with 298 passengers aboard has only exacerbated the row between the US, European powers, and Russia over the developing situation in eastern Ukraine. Thus, AP was entering touchy territory.

The tweet caused widespread confusion on Twitter based on its wording: Did "crash lands" mean a new crash occurred or was it just awkward phrasing that marked the landing of the plane carrying crash victims?

It didn't take long for AP to issue a clarification.

Nevertheless Twitter took the opportunity to pile on....

...some more impetuously than others.

Some used AP's hyperbolic "BREAKING" prefix in the tweet to criticize what they see as overuse of the phrase in news reporting, especially on social media sites and cable news channels.

Then the grammar debate ensued.

RT's news agency Ruptly has video of the plane landing - safely - in Holland.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is taking a lead in the investigation of the flight MH17 tragedy. The Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans announced that his country will conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crash in cooperation with experts from the International Civil Aviation Organization.