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Boris Johnson denies saying ‘let the bodies pile high’ after SNP MP asks if he’s a ‘liar’

Boris Johnson denies saying ‘let the bodies pile high’ after SNP MP asks if he’s a ‘liar’
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shot down claims he said “let the bodies pile high in their thousands” during the Covid-19 pandemic and called on those who allegedly heard him to come forward publicly.

During Parliament’s Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, the Scottish National Party’s House of Commons Leader Ian Blackford called Johnson’s alleged comments “utterly sickening” and – noting that several witnesses are reportedly prepared to swear under oath about the remark, which Johnson denies – asked him, “Are you a liar prime minister?”

Johnson responded by again denying that he had made the remark, replying, “If he is going to relay that kind of quotation, it is up to him, in a place like Parliament, to produce the author...the person who claims to have heard it, because I can't find them”.

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"He says that they're willing to go on oath. Perhaps they are sitting somewhere in this building”, Johnson continued, adding, however that he “rather doubt[s] it” because he “didn't say those words”.

The prime minister went on to call lockdowns “a miserable, miserable thing”, and claimed he did everything in his power “to try to protect the British public” from both lockdowns and Covid-19.

Blackford’s question to Johnson was condemned by House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, who called it “not savoury and not what we would expect” in Parliament.

The government has repeatedly denied that Johnson said, “No more f***ing lockdowns – let the bodies pile high in their thousands!” during a meeting in October last year after the Daily Mail cited “well-placed” sources who spoke of Johnson’s alleged outburst.

A previous Downing Street statement dismissed the allegations as “just another lie”.

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