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Boris Johnson in minor CAR CRASH outside parliament after protester runs in front of convoy (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Boris Johnson in minor CAR CRASH outside parliament after protester runs in front of convoy (VIDEO, PHOTO)
Boris Johnson escaped injury after being involved in a car accident outside Westminster when a Kurdish protester ran in front of his convoy. The activist’s dramatic move caused the PM’s car to be hit by a following vehicle.

Eyewitness footage shows the Prime Minister’s own security detail rear-ended Johnson’s vehicle after an apparent Kurdish protester ran in front of the cavalcade. The moment was captured on camera by an anti-Brexit demonstrator who was at the scene.

The incident took place as Johnson was leaving Westminster and his convoy turned onto Parliament Square. 

Johnson's driver slammed on the brakes after the wayward protester ran in front of the convoy but the escort driver behind didn't react fast enough and hit the PM's vehicle, denting the bumper but seemingly without enough force to injure anyone inside. 

The apparent protester, who had been demonstrating about Turkish action against Kurdish rebels in Iraq, was immediately detained by multiple police officers and taken to the Palace of Westminster for questioning. The Metropolitan Police said that he was arrested for a public order offense and for obstructing the highway.


A spokesperson for Number 10 confirmed that the Prime Minister was unharmed adding, "I think the video speaks for itself as to what happened. No reports of anybody being injured."

Johnson was leaving Westminster after facing a grilling from opposition leader Keir Starmer, who accused the PM of failing to tackle child poverty in the UK during Prime Minister's questions.

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