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16 May, 2020 15:26

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother arrested at anti-lockdown rally in Hyde Park rally as London police say protests ‘not permitted’ (VIDEOS)

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother arrested at anti-lockdown rally in Hyde Park rally as London police say protests ‘not permitted’ (VIDEOS)

Piers Corbyn, the outspoken brother of the ex-Labour Party leader, was arrested after speaking at an anti-lockdown protest in London's Hyde Park. Footage shows him being cuffed and hauled away by police after refusing to disperse.

Armed with a megaphone, Corbyn warned the crowd of almost 50 demonstrators about alleged links between the coronavirus pandemic and 5G, claiming it 'enhances anyone who's got illness from Covid, so they work together.'

"They're telling us it's a pandemic. It's a pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order," he told a small crowd gathered around him.

He went on to speak about forced vaccinations and civil liberties, but was quickly encircled by police.

After a brief exchange, one of the officers put handcuffs on Corbyn after he reportedly refused to leave or provide his details.

In a video of the incident, a woman in the background can be heard shouting "They're arresting this guy for speaking out." The activist was then escorted to a police van.

At least five other people were detained during the event.

The arrest was criticized on social media, with some noting that the officers were not wearing masks.

Others, though, applauded the arrest, arguing that the protesters were breaking social distancing guidelines and Corbyn was spreading disinformation and wasting police resources during the pandemic.

UK premier Boris Johnson recently eased lockdown rules and the “stay at home” slogan became “stay alert.” This means allowing people to go to work if necessary, as well as permitting unlimited exercise and outdoor activities.

However, exercising the right to assembly is still forbidden. As they hauled off some of the protesters from Hyde Park on Saturday, London’s Metropolitan Police warned the public that “protest, marches or assemblies are not permitted.” Health regulations that forbid large-scale gatherings are “still in force,” they said, adding that officers will be on the street to “encourage people to comply.” Presumably, this means arresting the likes of Piers Corbyn.

While lockdown measures have been eased somewhat this week, most businesses remain closed. Social-distancing guidelines –which recommend people keep a two-metre distance from each other– have also not been loosened.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, meanwhile, have kept stricter measures in place.

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