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5 Mar, 2020 18:07

‘Brits claiming our coronavirus!’ Sky News angers Irish viewers for adding country’s Covid-19 patients to UK count

‘Brits claiming our coronavirus!’ Sky News angers Irish viewers for adding country’s Covid-19 patients to UK count

Irish Twitter users were left irate after a Sky News chyron informed viewers that four new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Ireland brought the "total number in the UK to 91."

A clip of the chyron was posted by a user on Twitter, who aptly noted that new cases of the virus in Ireland do not in fact increase the "UK total" — since, as most are probably aware, the Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK.

"Irish health ministry confirms four more Covid-19 cases in Ireland bringing the total number in the UK to 91,” the full alert read.

The awkward faux pas was quickly noticed by other Irish Twitter users, prompting some to joke that the “Brits are claiming our coronavirus now.”

It's a running complaint among the Irish that UK media often 'claims' Irish sports stars, actors and other notable Irish exports as being 'British' — but at least now they seem to be “taking the bad with the good,” another person quipped.

“Anyone want to give Sky News a geography lesson?” another asked

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One person joked that since Leo Varadkar was still the Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland, this must also bring the "total number of prime ministers in the UK to 2."

Ironically, the blunder came as Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on a three-day trip to the island, leading another commenter to wonder whether the royal visit might be having “more of an impact than expected.”

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