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30 Dec, 2019 19:52

‘Cylinder explosion’ shakes homes in NE London as residents suspect ‘sonic boom’ from aircraft

‘Cylinder explosion’ shakes homes in NE London as residents suspect ‘sonic boom’ from aircraft

Londoners were stopped in their tracks by the sound of a huge blast described as similar to a 'sonic boom' from aircraft passing overhead, but which Met Police confirmed was actually caused by a “cylinder explosion” at a workshop.

Residents in North and East London reported hearing the powerful sound at around 5:15 PM on Monday evening, with some taking to social media to ask what had caused the mystery boom.

“Did anyone else in NE London just hear that huge explosion? What was it?”  asked one user. The boom was strong enough to shake the windows and stair railings, another said.

One person told MyLondon that their "whole house shook" and that residents were "out in the street" to see what was happening.

Also on rt.com 2 RAF jets scramble to intercept plane with ‘extremely disruptive passenger,’ create sonic boom

The incident came just weeks after two RAF Typhoon fighter jets woke thousands in the early hours of December 1 after they were scrambled to intercept a plane that had lost communication.

NASA has described a 'sonic boom' as a "thunder-like" noise heard on the ground when an aircraft or aerospace vehicle flies overhead faster than the speed of sound.

Met Police confirmed, however, that Monday’s incident was not a sonic boom, but an explosion at a workshop in Tottenham. MPS Haringey tweeted that they were called to the incident at 5:15 PM at an address on Brantwood Road, along with the ambulance and fire services. 

A man sustained "non-life threatening” injuries in the explosion, which police said is not believed to be suspicious.

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