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14 Nov, 2019 20:31

‘He hasn’t got the balls!’: BoJo blames ‘crusties’ for his no-show at Glastonbury bakery as protesters jeer

‘He hasn’t got the balls!’: BoJo blames ‘crusties’ for his no-show at Glastonbury bakery as protesters jeer

Boris Johnson was forced to pull out of a visit to a bakery in Glastonbury, as part of his general election campaign, due to anti-Conservative demonstrators who had gathered outside, in yet another embarrassment for the UK PM.

Johnson had planned to visit the Somerset town - famous for hosting the renowned rock music festival nearby - on Friday afternoon, but had to change his plans, because of the hot reception that awaited him. 

Guardian journalist Steven Morris reported on Twitter that, on discovering Johnson had abandoned his planned visit, the protesters started chanting “He hasn’t got the balls.” 

Dozens of anti-Tory demonstrators holding up signs, including “greedy fat cat clown” and “BoJo Trump’s B***h”, were seen lying in wait for the Tory prime minister.

The PM was due to visit Burns The Bread bakery in Glastonbury, but instead visited another branch store in nearby Wells, citing security concerns. Responding to the incident in the rearranged venue, Johnson told staff: “There were lots of crusties there – more crusty than your loaves.”

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Earlier in the day the Etonian had been heckled by another group of demonstrators during a visit to a primary school in Taunton who shouted “Boris out!”

Johnson’s campaign trail so far has been littered with altercations with disgruntled members of the public. On Wednesday he came under fire from a number of angry victims of severe floods in South Yorkshire during a walkabout to see how the recovery operation was progressing.

UK political parties have four weeks until Brits go to the polls. There’s sure to be many more awkward public interactions for all leaders to navigate-through unscathed between now and December 12.

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