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13 Nov, 2019 18:52

Election chances dashed with a splash of milk? British PM mocked on social media for TEA-MAKING faux pas

Election chances dashed with a splash of milk? British PM mocked on social media for TEA-MAKING faux pas

British social media gasped in disbelief after watching Conservative PM Boris Johnson’s election campaign video... in which he committed a cardinal sin while attempting to casually make a cup of tea.

There is probably nothing more quintessentially British than a lovely cup of tea. However, Brits can be pretty uncompromising when it comes to how you make that perfect cuppa. It’s widely recognised that the order is: tea bag in - hot water - tea bag out - milk - stir.

So when Johnson posted a video on Tuesday, showing him adding milk before taking the tea bag out, all hell broke loose on social media.

One person summed up the overall mood: "Our actual Prime Minister doesn't know how to make a cup of tea." While another appeared to be so incensed by Johnson’s tea-making etiquette that they even questioned whether they could ever “vote for someone who does that."

"I know, bag out before milk in!!!" one person replied. "Needs to get rid of that filthy habit.....Take the bag out first...." wrote someone else.

However, luckily for the PM there were others who leapt to his defence and questioned what all the furore was all about. "Nope. I always do that!" said one, while another agreed: "It's how we make ours. Scalds the milk."

Also on rt.com ‘Treating you like mugs’: Twitter blasts ‘fawning’ reporters who fell for Boris Johnson’s tea stunt

Only time will tell as to whether this faux pas will have damaging consequences on Johnson’s general election prospects.

It comes as Johnson came under fire from a number of angry victims of severe floods in South Yorkshire during a walkabout to see how the recovery operation was progressing. Residents of Stainforth voiced their displeasure at the PM, with many insisting he and his Tory government had been too slow to respond to the crisis.

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