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14 Nov, 2019 10:30

‘Don’t give up!’ Tusk urges Brits to keep fighting to stop Brexit, otherwise it’s the ‘end of the British Empire’

‘Don’t give up!’ Tusk urges Brits to keep fighting to stop Brexit, otherwise it’s the ‘end of the British Empire’

European Council President Donald Tusk has issued a rallying cry to British people, telling them not to “give up” on stopping Brexit, warning that if the UK leaves the EU, it will become a “second-rate player.”

Tusk – whose term ends this month – made the brutal remarks in his farewell speech on Wednesday. He appeared to ridicule hardline Brexiteers who have championed the UK leaving the bloc to enable them to become a global leader.

You could hear in these voices a longing for the empire. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Only as part of a united Europe can the UK play a global role…

The EU chief urged those against Brexit to keep campaigning for their cause and to not “give up.” Likening the intractable issue to a tense football match, he suggested that “we had added time, we are already in extra time, perhaps it will even go to penalties?”

The UK is currently in the middle of a general election campaign, with the issue of Brexit having to compete with a whole range of domestic matters. PM Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are promising to “get Brexit done” by January 31, while Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party are offering a second referendum on a “credible” deal or remaining in the EU.

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